About us

Veteran owned and operated. Observation Post was founded in 2023 by a former Army Reconnaissance Course Instructor that was stationed out in Ft. Benning Ga, known today as Ft. Moore. He came up with the idea of being able to give active duty, veterans and civilians, a brand to show support and showcase their love for reconnaissance.

  • Logo

    The idea behind the Observation Post logo goes back historically to the horseback reconnaissance known as the cavalry and current modern reconnaissance. Reconnaissance has and will always be a very important part of all military. Reconnaissance being the commanders eyes and ears, hence “Eyes and Ears” as our logo motto. The triangle symbol represents an “Observation Post” or “OP” that is being depicted as a graphic control measure on a military map. With a diagonal line in the middle of the triangle, it then represents a reconnaissance observation post. A reconnaissance observation post role will always be reconnaissance and security operations. By providing early warning by reporting direction, distance and size of the enemy in order to allow commanders to understand the situation, visualize the battle, and make decisions. Allowing commanders with reaction time and maneuver space to make decision and protect the force from anticipated and unanticipated dangers.

  • Flag

    Our observation post flag, also known as The Assaulting flag, it dates back to the Army's earliest days when both the cavalry and infantry units would charge ahead as the Stars and Stripes streamed back.